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Cherrapunji is a beautiful location in Meghalaya, also renowned for being the wettest land in the world. Cherrapunji is covered in misty valleys, humongous waterfalls, lush green hills and thick grey clouds. This geographical area receives only one season that is monsoon, marked by heavy rainfalls. Cherrapunji is home to the oldest church in Meghalaya - First Presbyterian Church. It is situated in Nongsawlia and was built by the missionaries in the earlier days.

The tribal population of Meghalaya is called 'Khasi'. They call their tribe as 'Children of the Seven Huts'. They built the living-root bridges of Cherrapunji which are also famous tourist destinations. Cherrapunji is the land of gorges, thickening tropical rain forests, majestic green mountains and unending grasslands. The low-lying clouds bringing continuous rainfall to this land makes it the dampest place in the world. The population here is miniscule and is considered exotic because of their language, lifestyle and culture.

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