Trek to Living Root Bridge

Cherrapunji is filled with trekking trails. The beautiful scenery around, makes it a wonderful sport to try out while you are here. The trek to the Living Root Bridge takes a duration of about 3 to 4 hours. Steep steps take you downhill towards the village of Nongriat. A jungle trail travels through the sides of the hill which ultimately takes you to the Living Root Bridge. You will also find streams next to your path where you can take a bath while enjoying nature at its best. Admire the ecology of the place as you find jungles and gardens filled with snails, butterflies etc.,

It is a double-decker living root bridge which is a natural marvel. The trek leading you to this bridge is filled with greenery. Next to two of the hanging bridges you find a natural pool with crystal-clear water. There are also blue-water pools under the bridges. The environment is soothing and perfect for the nature-lovers and trek-enthusiasts.

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